Meet our Hot Plates

Analogic and digital hot plates

Analogic Hot Plate

SolidSteel Analogic Hot Plate is an essential equipment for those labs that demand unifom heating of samples. Strong and easy to use it offers a great cost benefit. It heats up to 300°C.

Hot Plate with

Digital Display

The evolution of Hot Plates, It has a working temperature of up to 350 °C and super thermal accuracy with PID microprocessor temperature control.

Analogic Ceramic

Hot Plate

Following the quality and reliability of SolidSteel Hot Plates, the Analogic Ceramic Hot Plate offers a wider temperature range from + 50°C to 400°C while maintaining the simplicity, robustness and cost-effectiveness of other products in this range.

Ceramic Hot Plate with Digital Display

Working up to 400°C the Digital Ceramic Hot Plate completes our range of heating plates. It offers the precision of microprocessed digital control with PID and autotuning combined with the practicality and quality already presented in the other items of this line.

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